Large BGP Communities


This page tracks Large BGP Communities implementations. This information is used to compile the Specification’s RFC 7942 section. Updates should be emailed here.

BGP Speakers

Vendor Software Status Details
Arista EOS Planned Feature Requested BUG169446 (Maybe Q2 2018?)
Brocade IronWare Planned (First half of 2018)
Brocade SLX-OS Planned (First half of 2018)
Cisco IOS XE Planned IOS XE 16.9.1 (FCS July 2018) (source)
Cisco IOS XR ✔ Done! IOS XR 6.3.2
cz.nic BIRD ✔ Done! BIRD 1.6.3 (commit)
ExaBGP ExaBGP ✔ Done! PR482
Euro-IX Euro-IX Quagga Unknown  
FreeRangeRouting frr ✔ Done! Issue 46 (commit)
Juniper Junos OS ✔ Done! Junos OS 17.3R1
MikroTik RouterOS Won’t Implement Until RFC Feature Requested 2016090522001073
Nokia SR OS Planned SR OS 16.0.R1 freeRouter ✔ Done!  
OpenBSD OpenBGPD ✔ Done! OpenBSD 6.1 (commit)
OSRG GoBGP ✔ Done! PR1094
rtbrick Fullstack ✔ Done! FullStack 17.1
Quagga Quagga ✔ Done! Quagga 1.2.0 (875)
Ubiquiti EdgeOS Planned Internal Enhancement Requested, (maybe 2.0?)
VyOS VyOS Requested Feature Requested T143

Tools / Ecosystem

Vendor Software Status Details
DE-CIX pbgpp ✔ Done! PR16
FreeBSD tcpdump ✔ Done! PR213423
INEX Bird’s Eye ✔ Done! 1.1.0 (commit)
Marco d’Itri zebra-dump-parser ✔ Done! PR3
OpenBSD tcpdump ✔ Done! OpenBSD 6.1 (patch)
Piranha Piranha ✔ Done! Piranha v1.1.2 pmacct ✔ Done! PR61
RIPE NCC bgpdump ✔ Done! Issue 41 (commit) tcpdump ✔ Done! PR543 (commit)
Yoshiyuki Yamauchi mrtparse ✔ Done! PR13
Wireshark Wireshark ✔ Done! Wireshark 2.4.0 (patch)

BGP Speakers (no news yet)

Vendor Software Status
Brocade NOS Unknown
Cisco Classic IOS Unknown
Cisco NX-OS Unknown
Extreme ExtremeXOS Unknown
Huawei VRP Unknown
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Unknown