Large BGP Communities

Milestone: IETF Last Call Requested

Another milestone has been reached today, we’re only a few steps away from the Internet-Draft being published as an RFC! The Large BGP Communities specification has officially entered the In Last Call state.

IETF participants now can have their final say, this is called IETF Last Call.

Under RFC 2026, the IESG issues Last Calls to the IETF community for all draft Standards Track and BCP documents, and for selected draft Informational and Experimental documents.

In normal cases, since this is the final stage of open community review, the IESG prefers that comments on Last Calls be sent to the ietf at list. Authors, WG Chairs and the responsible Area Director are presumed to see all such messages, but they may be copied if the person sending a comment so desires.

Guidance regarding Last Call can be reviewed here.