Large BGP Communities

Milestone: IETF Last Call and IESG Review

The IETF IDR Working Group governs the BGP specification. An important step that moves an I-D forward after WG Last Call has finished, is IETF Last Call and IESG Review to adopt the specification. The email below officially starts the next step towards publication as an RFC.

Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2016 13:14:43 -0400
From: "John G. Scudder" <>
Cc:, Susan Hares <>
Re: [Idr] WG LC on draft-ietf-idr-large-community-03.txt (10/17/2016 to 10/31/2016)

Hi Everybody,

The working group last call has ended. We have good, although not unanimous, consensus that the draft is ready to advance. Accordingly, we will prepare a shepherd report and forwarded to the IESG.

The area where consensus was rough (although still clear) was around the question of the Global Administrator field. There were concerns that “SHOULD be an Autonomous System Number” was either too prescriptive, or not prescriptive enough, and that it should be either a MUST or a MAY. Various proposals were advanced to resolve this concern, and some of the text around Global Administrator was improved, however not all disagreements have been reconciled. We will do our best to make sure the shepherd report reflects these concerns.

Thanks to the authors and the working group for your efforts so far and in the future as we go through IETF last call and IESG review.