Large BGP Communities

Examples on how to use Large BGP Communities: draft-snijders-grow-large-communities-usage

The first version of an RFC 1998 style usage document for Large BGP Communities is now available. draft-snijders-grow-large-communities-usage is a new draft with best practice guidance and examples on how to use Large BGP Communities. The draft is still in its early stage of development, and intends to:

  • Document existing operational practices using RFC 1997 communities, and expand them to use Large BGP Communities.
  • Provide examples of common traffic engineering features that are easy to recognize by operators.
  • Set expectations on the propagation of Large BGP Communities, since some providers remove or change communities as they transit their network.

The document is not intended to:

  • Provide examples of using regular expressions with Large BGP Communities.
  • Define well-known communities, since the existing RFC 1997 well-known communities are still used.
  • Redefine the opaque nature of Large BGP Communities.
  • Define product specifics and implementation details that are outside IETF specifications.

Comments and suggestions on the draft are welcome at: