Large BGP Communities

Updated Technical Specification: draft-ietf-idr-large-community-01

The Large BGP Communities technical specification was updated and is now at version -01. The following changes were incorporated, a good overview with the previous version can be read here: rfcdiff draft-ietf-idr-large-community-01.


  • Reworded abstract avoid citation (Thanks John Heasley, Tom Scholl, Tom Petch)
  • Add early IANA Allocation codepoint (Thanks Susan Hares & John Scudder)
  • Reserve 0, AS-MAX, AS4-MAX ranges (Thanks Jeff, Brian, John Heasley)
  • Use “communities” vs “community” in a consistent manner (thanks Nick)
  • Clarification that Global Administrator should usually be the ASN
  • Removed EBNF in favor of textual guidelines
  • Remove hints on PDU transmission, this is implied well enough by the ASCII art (Nick)
  • Remove most of the text about Global Administrator usage, this is better handled in the “Usage” document which will go to GROW
  • Clarify duplicate handling
  • Clarify re-ordering
  • Reduce routing semantics to a single sentence
  • Reword security section, add reference to rfc7454
  • Move note about ‘invalid’ ASNs into the error handling section
  • Worksmithing in Textual Representation and Aggregation sections (Jakob, Nick)
  • Use documentation ASN 64496 as example instead of reserved 65000 (Nick)
  • Spelling/grammar/style changes